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Welcome to C.Syde's Wiki

C.Syde's Wiki is an all-subject wiki. We are working to build a wiki used for contributing pages that reflect the hobbies and personal interests that reflect those who contributed them. Originally created for testing usergroup permissions, the wiki has since evolved into a fully comprehensive wiki. This wiki can be edited by anyone, and we are always looking for new members to join and edit.


See also: C.Syde's Wiki:History

C.Syde's Wiki was founded on the 17th September 2014 by C.Syde, nine months after he joined The Sims Wiki. He created this wiki, so that he could practise using tools that non-administrators do not have access to. Many editors are willing to wait until they grow bigger, before they get better. But C.Syde insisted on founding a wiki, so that he could get better first. Seriously, he wasn't going to gain experience and knowledge of how administrative processes worked, without even getting the tools to gain experience and knowledge with......right?

As far as C.Syde was concerned, the only way he was going to grow into a potential future admin on fully collaborative and comprehensive wikis, was to create a wiki, so that he could continue to associate himself with behaviour that was intended to emulate the perceived behaviour of administrators, without the risk of being reprimanded of pretending to be something he wasn't, because he is an administrator here. This wiki was originally created for testing purposes, but he's still an administrator here, so that's a very good start.

Apparently he was unaware of the existence of these guides before this wiki was founded. If he had, he might have gained experience and knowledge of how administrative processes worked, before being granted administrative tools on fully collaborative and comprehensive wikis. But he did eventually become an administrator on the Sims Wiki, so in a way, the initial purpose of this wiki was well served.

Useful information

  • C.Syde's Wiki has a collection of Policies which govern behaviour and content on the wiki. In addition, we have several Guidelines and a Manual of Style that are useful as resources to all aspiring editors.
  • C.Syde's Wiki, at csydes.fandom.com, has an official language of NZ English. Many of our pages that have been exported from other wikis (such as The Sims Wiki) were once written in US English. But we are reworking our pages so that most of them will be written in NZ English.

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